At TheLibraryCloset, we understand the importance of sustainable practices. We're committed to offering you high-quality apparel while minimizing our environmental impact.

We only print our products WHEN we get an order, so that we are never creating excess waste if a product is not ordered. 

We use 2 main clothing suppliers: 

  • Bella + Canvas for our shirts
  • Gildan for our sweatshirts

Bella + Canvas: Eco-Friendly Champions

  • Reduced Waste: Bella + Canvas optimizes fabric cutting to minimize waste. Leftover materials are recycled into new products like baby bibs and upholstery stuffing.
  • Energy Efficiency: Their facilities utilize energy-saving measures like LED lighting and skylights, reducing their carbon footprint.
  • Sustainable Materials: Bella + Canvas offers a variety of shirts made with eco-friendly materials like recycled cotton and organic cotton. The Bella Canvas 3001 which we use are made from 100% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton
  • Made in the USA: Bella Canvas products are all made within the United States

To read more about Bella Canvas' sustainability practices check out their website:

Gildan: Committed to Continuous Improvement

Gildan is a clothing industry giant that recognizes the importance of sustainability. While they may not be at the same level as Bella + Canvas yet, they are actively working towards a more sustainable future:

  • Responsible Sourcing: Gildan has a commitment to ethical sourcing practices and aims to reduce environmental impact throughout their supply chain.
  • Innovation: Gildan is constantly researching and implementing new technologies to reduce water and energy usage during production.

To read more about Gildans' sustainability practices check out their website:

What You Can Do

By choosing Bella + Canvas shirts or Gildan sweatshirts, you're taking a step towards a more sustainable wardrobe. Here are some additional ways you can make a difference:

  • Wash clothes in cold water: This reduces energy consumption significantly.
  • Hang dry your clothes: Skip the dryer whenever possible to save energy.
  • Donate or resell unwanted clothing: Give your clothes a second life instead of throwing them away.