From Book Lover to Merch Creator

The Library Closet started as a result of having too much time on my hands.

I had dedicated the first half of COVID to finally trying to catch up on my TBR. (Though we all know, it's NEVER possible to actually finish your TBR because it grows faster than we can read)

But after many days spent in my fantasy reading world, I was also desperate to find a creative way to express my love for reading.
I had already been selling portraits on Etsy so I decided if I can make money on Etsy with these, I could probably start selling book related products as well.

I learned about designing, licensing and brand building while getting to work and support my favorite books.

In 2.5 years my bookish Etsy store has grown to over 25,000 sales with over 7,500 5 star reviews. Managing this business has been a dream come true.

We are now licensed with our favorite Book Publishers to create licensed merch and can give back to our favorite authors..

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